Preferred Lenders

There are many lenders you can discuss financing options with. Some have access to the state programs to offer purchasing assistance, others do not. It is important to see what would be the best route to go based on what you are trying to get out of the loan. Is it better to be more competitive on a rate than closing costs? Or, would you rather get more money back and refinance the ugly terms later? These recommendations are not limited to all possible options. 

Marry the Home, Date the Rate


John Fleig 

Centennial Lending Group

(609) 332 - 6662


Dennis J Dennis

Fairway Mortgage

(609) 462 - 4011



Recommended Inspection Resources

(These companies are not limited to all options. Multiple suggestions can be discussed)



Eagle Inspections

Septic Inspection; Bucks County


New Jersey



NJ Septic Inspection

Septic Inspection; Warren, Hunterdon Counties


Other services that you can discuss when it comes time for your home inspection are:

Lead Based Paint

Sewer Lateral Scopes

Well Equipment Testing




Recommended New Jersey Attorneys

If you are buying a home in New Jersey and are looking for Attorney options for your review period. There are a few affiliates that have had strong customer support feedback replies through consumers of previous transactions. It is important to target an Attorney who understands the section of New Jersey you are purchasing in and if the location is actually in need of the service overall. 


Heather Fabiyan & Associates

Cherry Tree Plaza, 2380 Route 9/Suite 3, Howell, NJ 07731

(732) 761 - 0813


Mildred Hamilton Esquire

471 Oak Street, Florence, NJ 08518

(609) 346 - 5134


Randie Ehrlich

700 Alexander Park/Suite 103, Princeton, NJ 08540

(609) 637 - 9500


Ryan M Deverin

13 North Main Street, Cranbury, NJ 08512

(609) 722 - 3013